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This page contains suggestions for self defence training exercises. These are suggested exercises to help students to build self confidence and an automated response to some  perceived threat. In self defence though it is wrong to develop a ‘perfect’ response to each threat because there are many solutions to each threat. The best solution is the one that you are capable of actually performing under stress and this is dependent upon many factors including body size, shape, strength, flexibility and mental capacity. Trying to decide how to respond when under a stressful threat is too late. Use what works for you. As instructors we need to guide students to discover what is the better solution for them. 

Not all threatening situations call for a physical response.

Self defence is about ‘using your head’. Here the seated defender is able to subtly protect his head and put off an aggressor by complaining about having head lice.

Self Defence and the defence of the weak.

Helping a mate who is being threatened. It is important to gently grasp the attacker’s arm and wrist so as to not have him focus on what you are about to do. The knee strike causes pain and unbalances the attacker making the wrist lock and takedown easy.

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