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A student at Grade 10 is considered a beginner, one who is open to new information and experiences. Like their white belt, they are a clean sheet upon which training will impress knowledge and skills. Little is expected of the white belt other than a will to participate and learn to the best of their capabilities.

Dobok (Uniform)

It is important to keep your Dobok clean, pressed and tidy. It is an outward expression of your inner self, so show pride in the upkeep and wearing of your uniform. Tie your belt properly as shown here for a right handed person.

Start by placing the belt across the abdomen leaving approximately 20 – 40 cm on the left side. The exact amount will be learnt by experience. 

Pass the long end of the belt around your waist twice, keeping the second wrap atop of the first. 

Pass the long end of your belt past the short end thus completing the 2 wraps, then pass it up and under the  2 wraps.

Adjust the lengths of the two ends to approximately the same length.

Complete the knot by folding the left end across and under the right end then bringing the right end up through the loop formed. This completes the ‘reef knot’. 

Centre the knot on your uniform ensuring both ends are of equal length.

Pattern: Saju Jirugi (4 Directional Punch)

Both right and left punches are performed to create and maintain balance, both physically and mentally. Rhee Tae Kwon-Do trains the mind, concentration and focus, and both sides of the body to improve co-ordination in our daily lives. (Click on images for video)

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